TODAY: EqualityCA Fundraiser for Dave Min & Scott Rhinehart

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EqualityCA Fundraiser for Dave Min & Scott Rhinehart

Join us on October 29th at 6:00 PM for a joint fundraiser sponsored by Equality CA for Dave Min for State Senate and Scott Rhinehart for Assembly featuring special guests George Takei and Congressman Mark Takano.

Oct 29, 2020 06:00 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Postcard Prep For Last Weekend of October Lit Drop!

We will be dropping the remaining postcards on Dem voters door steps the weekend before the election. Can you volunteer to write a SHORT/1 Line message to these important voters?
Suggested lines would be:
“Thank you for being a voter!”
“Your vote matters to Tustin!”
“Thank you for voting!”
This needs to be a fast turn around – we need to get them done by October 22.
Sign up here – you’ll pick them up and return them to the same address – no mailing necessary!

Well that was gross…

If you watched the presidential debate last night – let’s just say wow :-/

This morning, people around the country and around the world had these words to say about the 90 minute spectacle:

Dumpster Fire
and really too many more to list.

It is job #1 to VOTE TRUMP OUT. Get involved, make a plan, volunteer for candidates up and down the ballot. We have no other option.

RBG and the future of the Court

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg was an American icon. Fierce defender of women and human rights. She died tonight at 87.

This leaves a vacancy on the Supreme Court just weeks before the US election. Now the question is, will Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and President Trump break with US tradition and rush a confirmation of another Justice before November 3? McConnell blocked President Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland who was named months before the election, on the grounds that a new president should shape the Court. What should we expect? How many Senators would it take to stop a rushed confirmation?

@jeffberman lays out some scenarios here. Berman is an advocate and activist and entrepreneur but for years served as Counsel to US Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer so he knows the ins and outs of the Senate. He sits on the board of @protectdemocracy and offers advice on the best way to ensure your vote counts this year.  CLICK HERE FOR INTERVIEW

Your Postcard Can Make A Difference!

We have written and mailed over 5300 postcards! We are over half way to our goal of reaching every Democratic voter in Tustin!
Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers who have been pouring their hearts into their messages to Tustin voters!
We need more post card writers to finish our job before ballots arrive in voters’ mailboxes. We will supply the postcards, names and addresses and suggested scripts. You write the cards and supply the postage if you can (and support the post office at the same time!)
Until we can meet again in person, we have packets of 30 cards and materials available for pick up or delivery! We will also be doing bi-weekly postcard parties on Zoom, so you can connect with other amazing volunteers and get them done together!