Your Postcard Can Make A Difference!

We have written and mailed over 5300 postcards! We are over half way to our goal of reaching every Democratic voter in Tustin!
Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers who have been pouring their hearts into their messages to Tustin voters!
We need more post card writers to finish our job before ballots arrive in voters’ mailboxes. We will supply the postcards, names and addresses and suggested scripts. You write the cards and supply the postage if you can (and support the post office at the same time!)
Until we can meet again in person, we have packets of 30 cards and materials available for pick up or delivery! We will also be doing bi-weekly postcard parties on Zoom, so you can connect with other amazing volunteers and get them done together!
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Zoom with Katie Porter & Tustin Dems!

THIS Tuesday May 19 at 7:00 join Congresswoman Katie Porter and Tustin Dems for a Zoom Meeting!
Join us as she fills us in on:
  • The most up to date Federal response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • The 2020 Election and Election Security
Speaking briefly afterward will be local candidates:
  • Allyson Damikolas for Tustin Unified School Board
  • Leticia Clark for Tustin City Council
  • Lee Fink for Tustin City Council
  • Kim Adams for Tustin City Council
TO ATTEND: The Zoom Meeting link will be sent tomorrow morning to to the people who RSVP HERE!  ! Tell your friends!
TO ASK A QUESTION: Send us an e-mail and put Katie Porter Zoom Question in the subject line.
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COVID19 Resources

Dear Tustin Democrats,
The covid-19 (corona) pandemic has created a truly unprecedented situation which affects us all. Our hearts go out to everyone who’s been impacted by the virus, either directly or indirectly. During this time, we want to reach out and share some information you or someone you know might find useful.
The information in our latest email will offer suggestions for How To Stay Safe, resources if you or someone you know needs assistance and information from our CA45 Rep. Katie Porter about the US Congressional Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and. Economic Security Act (CARES Act). In the coming days we will be sending out information about how you can help as well.
Moments like this reminds us that we’re all connected – we are called upon to be our best selves, with patience, understanding and compassion. Despite the many difficulties we all face, we cannot forget that we are in this together. Stay safe.
The Tustin Democratic Club Board
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Respond to the Census!

The Census is here!  Why it is vitally important that you respond!

We all know how important funding is to support our state and local programs, so we are supporting the Census Bureau 2020 informational initiative to explain the importance of every head in Orange County being counted.  Federal support is crucial to assist our population and Orange County is losing Billions of dollars in support due to inaccurate head counts from the 2010 census.

Please join us to see how you can help spread the word so that OC gets the funding necessary to support vital programs such as SNAP, Medicaid,  Medicare part B – Supplemental Insurance, Highway Planning and Section 8 Housing vouchers, National School Lunch program just to name a few.


It’s about Fair Representation
It’s in the Constitution
It’s about redistricting
It means 675 billion to state, county and community programs
It’s a civic duty


Safety and Emergency Preparedness
Business planning
Real estate development planning


March 12–20 An invitation by mail to respond online to the 2020 Census. (Some households will also receive paper questionnaires.)

March 16–24 A reminder letter.

If you haven’t responded yet: March 26–April 3 A reminder postcard.

April 8–16 A reminder letter and paper questionnaire.

April 20–27 A final reminder postcard before we follow up in person.

Learn more here:

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March 24 Meeting: CANCELLED

Dear Tustin Democrats,
The Board has voted to cancel the upcoming General meeting on March 24. We reviewed the CDC Guidelines regarding COVID-19 and realized there is no way we could hold the meeting and maintain a safe social distance.
Please keep an eye on your email and Facebook for information about future meetings. We did a lot of work leading up to the Primary and made significant impact on turnout in the precincts we touched.  Once the current health situation stabilizes, we will be back at it working to re-elect Katie Porter and get Trump and all his cronies out of the White House.
Thank you for your support and patience during this time.
The Tustin Democratic Club Board
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Katie Porter Volunteer Kick-Off Event

Join the Re-Elect Katie Porter Campaign at a volunteer kickoff event with the Congresswoman this Saturday, February 22nd, 2020 at 4 PM in Irvine.


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House Party For Katie Porter!

Join Katie Porter at a House Party this Sunday!!

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Andy Thorburn For OC Department of Education: District 3

Andy Thorburn For OC Department of Education: District 3

Andy Thorburn is running for the Orange County Board of Education, District Three, which includes North Tustin. Thorburn is a former teacher and worker’s rights advocate. He is also very active in local community services Boards, including the Community Action fund for the Orange County Planned Parenthood chapter, and the Huntington Disease Task force.

The Orange County Board of Education has oversight responsibilities for the Orange County Department of Education (Superintendent). They run a school district of 6-7000 students, including the most vulnerable in the county: some incarcerated, some expelled, some needing an alternative program. The Board statutory function is to approve budget for the county Department of Education. The most contentious function for the Board is as an appellate division for charter schools that are rejected by school districts.

The current Board does not reflect current Orange County values; they look like the Orange County from 30 years ago. There is a three-to-two majority of very conservative trustees, with highly religious intent and a libertarian outlook. They have been holding anti-inclusion workshops and forums, focused on undermining the CA Healthy Youth Act, and removing local district control on charter schools. This majority is not driven by policy, they are driven by a far right wing ideological agenda. They are not working for the betterment of our schools and students.  Mr. Thorburn’s opponent, incumbent Ken Williams, has appeared on radio and television programs defending abstinence only sex education programs and believes in conversion therapy for LGBTQ students. He is a strong advocate for charter schools.

This radical right wing majority is also holding hostage the budget approval for the current fiscal year. The Board and the Superintendent did not agree on the final budget, and have not been able to come to a conclusion. The State Board reviewed the situation, and found that the County Board overstepped their authority. In response, the County Board is now suing both the State and County Superintendents. This is a gross waste of taxpayer money and efforts.

Andy Thorburn is running for the Board of Education in District Three to attempt to repair the damage between the County Board and Superintendent. He is distressed by public discourse of education in this country from the top down, and wants to make a difference in the educational community.
North Tustin, make sure to vote for him in March!
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Re-Elect Beckie Gomez to the OC Department of Education: District 1

Beckie Gomez: OC Department of Education District 1

Beckie Gomez is the current incumbent for the Orange County Board of Education, District 1, and we encourage the City of Tustin residents to re-elect her! Gomez is a two-time Tustin City Council member, a longtime resident, and a former PTA/PTO president at two Tustin schools. She is one of the holdouts against a dangerously conservative 3/2 majority currently on the Board.

The County Board of Ed hasn’t been a very well-known body for very long, but is becoming much more so due to a history of scandals, a few very problematic Board members, and some objectionable policies that have the potential to harm our students. The Board is currently struggling with the Department of Education to approve a budget, overruling district decisions on charter schools, and refusing to enforce CHYA (California Healthy Youth Act). It is acting outside of its oversight limits, not providing good guidance to the districts, and overriding local controls.

Gomez has been a champion for students and parents for her entire tenure on the Board of Education. She notes, “The future of our communities is reliant on an educated population, which starts with our K-12 students.” It is essential for her to remain on the Board in order to maintain transparency, keep the Board accountable to the the public and to students, and make sure that all Orange County children have access to an education.

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Ashleigh Aitken for OC Supervisor: District 3!

Ashleigh Aitken For OC Board of Supervisors, District 3

Ashleigh Aitken grew up in Orange County (her husband is from Tustin!), and still lives in Anaheim with her husband and three young children. She is a former federal prosecutor, longtime community activist, and has been on the leadership boards of several local non-profits. She is involved in the community on a daily basis and reflects the evolving values of Orange County. Aitken is running against Don Wagner, who, as the current Supervisor for the 3rd District, has refused to use the resources available to him to help solve the OC homelessness crisis.

What is the Board of Supervisors and Why Does It Matter To You?

The Board of Supervisors controls all State, Federal, and County funding for county services such as parks, mental health & homeless services, Cal Optima, and public safety. They funnel money from larger government bodies into communities, with an annual budget of over $6 billion.

The biggest issue facing the Board of Supervisors is homelessness. The county has $800 million in taxpayer funds earmarked for homelessness outreach and services, but has balked at spending that money. Click HEREHEREHERE and HERE for more information about the ways in which the OC Board of Supervisors has refused to use their available funds to deal with the homelessness crisis affecting many OC cities including Tustin.

Aitken has been on the board of a local homeless shelter and the United Way, so this is very personal for her. “If the county isn’t going to build permanent and supportive housing, then they must partner with non-profits that do,” she says. “More than 200 people died on Orange County streets in 2019. This is a moral question of what we will do for this population as a society.”

Aitken’s other focuses include community safety, transportation, and bringing community values to the Board. The Third District has a growing population, and traffic and parking are becoming impacted. She will look at new development to effect reasonable growth while still preserving the feel of the community. She is very interested in being involved with TCA and OCTA to figure out how to get around our county without impacting already high-traffic areas. In addition, she will ensure that the county has adequate and well thought out emergency and evacuation plans, and that residents know about them.

Aitken comments, “we need effective new leadership and energy to solve problems that have been languishing for years.” It’s time for local community values to take the lead in Orange County. Make sure to vote for Ashleigh Aitken for the OC Board of Supervisors, District Three!

CLICK HERE to visit Ashleigh’s Campaign website

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