Ashleigh Aitken for OC Supervisor: District 3!

Ashleigh Aitken For OC Board of Supervisors, District 3

Ashleigh Aitken grew up in Orange County (her husband is from Tustin!), and still lives in Anaheim with her husband and three young children. She is a former federal prosecutor, longtime community activist, and has been on the leadership boards of several local non-profits. She is involved in the community on a daily basis and reflects the evolving values of Orange County. Aitken is running against Don Wagner, who, as the current Supervisor for the 3rd District, has refused to use the resources available to him to help solve the OC homelessness crisis.

What is the Board of Supervisors and Why Does It Matter To You?

The Board of Supervisors controls all State, Federal, and County funding for county services such as parks, mental health & homeless services, Cal Optima, and public safety. They funnel money from larger government bodies into communities, with an annual budget of over $6 billion.

The biggest issue facing the Board of Supervisors is homelessness. The county has $800 million in taxpayer funds earmarked for homelessness outreach and services, but has balked at spending that money. Click HEREHEREHERE and HERE for more information about the ways in which the OC Board of Supervisors has refused to use their available funds to deal with the homelessness crisis affecting many OC cities including Tustin.

Aitken has been on the board of a local homeless shelter and the United Way, so this is very personal for her. “If the county isn’t going to build permanent and supportive housing, then they must partner with non-profits that do,” she says. “More than 200 people died on Orange County streets in 2019. This is a moral question of what we will do for this population as a society.”

Aitken’s other focuses include community safety, transportation, and bringing community values to the Board. The Third District has a growing population, and traffic and parking are becoming impacted. She will look at new development to effect reasonable growth while still preserving the feel of the community. She is very interested in being involved with TCA and OCTA to figure out how to get around our county without impacting already high-traffic areas. In addition, she will ensure that the county has adequate and well thought out emergency and evacuation plans, and that residents know about them.

Aitken comments, “we need effective new leadership and energy to solve problems that have been languishing for years.” It’s time for local community values to take the lead in Orange County. Make sure to vote for Ashleigh Aitken for the OC Board of Supervisors, District Three!

CLICK HERE to visit Ashleigh’s Campaign website

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